Vicky Stavropoulou is a Greek designer and manufacturer of fine handmade jewelry whose creations are inspired by ancient Greek history.

Vicky’s passion for jewelry began at the young age of ten when she started making pendants with strings of beads. The turning point came when she worked for a few months at a friend’s jewelry workshop. After this, Vicky went on to follow her true passion and studied jewelry design and manufacture in Athens.

After a career as an artisan and later as a sales manager in the same field,
she started her own workshop in 2006, crafting statement pieces from 18-karat gold and delicate precious stones.

Vicky believes in the concept of fine jewelry designed to be worn by modern women every day and for all occasions. She believes that fine handmade jewelry shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions. She wants pieces that are casual and classic, elegant, personal, but above all, timeless. The beauty of the collection is found in the quality of the exclusive designs and the technical details that are infused in every piece.

Beside her exclusive collection Vicky creates handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces sold solely to selected clients.

 Vicky currently lives in Agrinio, a small town in western Greece where she has her workshop and retail store.

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