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 Every jewelry is unique!



Every piece of jewelry is unique, just like everything that is precious, therefore it needs special care, so that time does not leave its marks and is kept forever. No  matter the value of each piece, every single piece of jewelry certainly needs our care.

The question, however,is how to actually take care of our jewelry. There is often the case of jewelry losing its shine, even when stored in a box and not worn for a long time. It is thus disappointing enough to see it  broken.

The main reason for this is not the iece itself or the jeweler, but the wrong care of it.

arrowSo, below there are some useful tips on how to treat your jewelry.

arrowYou should not sleep with your jewelry on, especially the one that is tied with  steel wire, has ragstone and stones protruding, because it may warp or even    break.

arrowIn case you sweat,  just wash it with pure water before you store it.

arrowYou should take your jewelry off every time you need to use cosmetics,hairspray, handcream or ever your perfume, so as to maintain its shine for a long time.

arrowWhen you don’t  wear your  jewelry, you should storte it diligently in separate boxes. You should never place it into jewelry cases one over the other     because  there will be marks and scratches on the precious stones, pearls and metals.

arrowWhen you cook,  you should never  wear jewelry with organic stones on, such as coral-amber-turquoise and pearl, as well as crude mineral stones, because steam penetrates its porous surface.

arrowIt also necessary that you take your jewelry off when you clean  the house,    especially the bathroom, due to chemicals that can be found in detergents.

arrowIn order to untangle chains that have been mixed with  each other you could use  some powder.

Reminder: Your jewelry should be the last to wear and the first to take off!



Cleanliness is  another important priority as far asss your jewelry care is concerned.

If  you want to clean your jewelry yourselves, either it is  without stones (e.g chains/crosses) or with brads stones (e.g solitaires with zircon or diampnds), you need hot water and liquid dish soap. You clean the piece by using a smooth brush and then dry it off with a soft cloth.

As for pearl neck;aces or bracelets, you just rinse them with water and let them dry on a cloth.

 Caution!Both the cloth and the brush used must be very soft, otherwise it may scratch your jewelry.










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